Service Policies




Application for new service may be made either in person or by calling J-A-C. A deposit and membership fee shall be required at the time you apply for service. Disconnection of service can also be made by calling or coming by the office.

When making an application for service, all prospective members (hereinafter referred to as the "member") do so under the following terms and conditions:

1. Member agrees to pay J-A-C Electric Cooperative, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the     "Cooperative") the required membership fee, plus other applicable fees and deposits.

2. Member agrees to comply with Cooperative's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and all     amendments thereto and by such rules and regulations as may from time to time be adopted     by the Board of Directors of Cooperative; provided, however, that applicants shall not become      a member of Cooperative until accepted for membership by the Board of Directors.



3. Member agrees to purchase electricity from the     Cooperative, at standard rates for the type of     service rendered to the member.

4. Member agrees to install all wiring in a safe     workmanlike manner subject to the National     Electrical Code requirements.

5. Cooperative will make reasonable provision to     insure continuity of service; however, it will not be     liable for loss or damage caused by unavoidable accidents or acts of nature or member's failure     to install safe and adequate wiring and safety devices.

6. Applications and all contracts entered into by members and the Cooperative shall be     contingent upon (a) the Cooperative's ability to obtain easements with a normal and reasonable     effort excluding condemnation proceedings; (b) acts of any governmental authority or court of     law; (c) acts of nature; (d) inability to secure materials and/or labor; (e) any other cause     beyond the Cooperative's reasonable control.

Fees and Deposits

Membership Fee -- $20.00. This fee, paid when service is established, is refunded when the member terminates service.

For deposit requirements, please contact the office at 940-895-3311. We require a deposit equal to 2 times the average monthly bill or a good letter of credit from your current electric provider.

Returned Check Charge -- $20.00.

Collection Charge -- $35.00. This fee is required when J-A-C personnel are required to make a trip to collect or disconnect past due accounts.

Reconnect Charge -- $35.00. This fee is charged to reconnect accounts disconnected for nonpayment during regular working hours.